Video Tour of Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress |

Video Tour of Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

Video Tour of Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

By Tina Cook | SEO

Mar 24
Video Tour of Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

With over 26.5 million downloads (and counting), the free version of the plugin Yoast SEO is greatly trusted to improve the search engine ranking of your WordPress website.

“Once installed and activated on my website, do I need to do anything?”, I’m asked all the time. The team at Yoast have just released a video training of their famous search engine optimizer.

Now you can confidently optimize your site to attract your ideal clients by investing about an hour of your time watching this step-by-step walk through of the settings.

It’s a powerful plugin, so together with your relevant and targeted posts, your search engine results will improve.

The 33 short videos are organized, very conveniently, into a playlist set to play continuously one after the other, if you want to binge-watch. I did this and then hit the pause button to implement the recommended setting before moving on to the next section.

Here is the complete Yoast SEO Plugin Training playlist:

I found the last two videos the most powerful as they deal with how the description of your website will appear in the search results. The section on the Social Tab shows you how to control the images assigned to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Here are the last two videos:

#32 Yoast SEO – Metabox: Advanced Tab

#33 Yoast SEO – Metabox: Social Tab

Yoast’s recommendation to disable the Author Archive on a single-author site is worth noting as if you only have one author on your site, this is just duplication. You can check this out for yourself in video #10.

Did you find this SEO optimization exercise useful? What was your biggest takeaway? Love to hear from you in the comments or on social.


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