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Tina on Instagram

Instagram: A Window to Awesome Photos and Filters

I became fascinated (and absolutely addicted) to Instagram many years back, though kept my first account private. I just loved taking photos with my phone and experimenting with the different filters. And then more filters in other apps, and more apps. It became my daily doodle.

Then when Facebook became ‘pay to play’, social media marketers claimed to have great success on Instagram, after all it was still free. Encouraged by their enthusiasm, I set up a ‘business’ account as one of my strategies to build my new brand tina.media.

The value has been re-connecting directly with key social media marketers and, of course, meeting new people with similar interests. I still consider Instagram as ‘time out’ as find creating a visual of something that caught my attention that day keeps me in gratitude.

Seeing others amazing shots of our natural world is totaling inspiring.

Wow! There are some breathing-taking photos on Instagram. It’s a window that transports me to your gorgeous view of your world that I can visit virtually and show my appreciation by sending your a heart.

I see other marketers using the platform to almost advertise their messages. For me, that’s not what Instagram is about. I now add my logo to most photos mainly to just confirm that’s my creation. Other than that, I share photos that I hope will inspire and words I need to ponder on, and may be you do too. Enjoy.

If you are on Instagram too, let’s connect, please say Hi.