Best WordPress Plugins

​Building a large, profitable mailing list just got a lot easier.

​1. You can create an eye-catching, awesomely designed opt-in form.

2. You can set the form up to show in the right places at the right time (for example as a popup whenever someone's about to leave your website).

3. You can create multiple versions of this form and run some A/B tests to boost your conversions.

​4.  Create your own design or select any of the amazing opt-in templates.

​5.Make the opt-in form appear anywhere on your site with a few clicks.

​Keep your visitor reading your posts.

​Display an animated fly-out or fade box with related content.

Apart from the coolness factor, it’ll encourage your visitors to keep reading your good content.

​When your visitor scrolls down your post out flies a little box with your previous post title with a clickable link.

In the plugin’s settings you can select your preferences – just previous or previous in category. Be sure to select the thumbnail too.

You can see this plugin in action on my site. Just click on a post, scroll down the post and watch for the fly-out in the bottom right-hand corner.

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