Portfolio of Latest Web Work

by Tina Cook

I offer three packages as a starting point for the creation of your new or revamped website design,

any of which can be adapted for your particular needs.

Plus Landing and Sales Pages, and Membership Websites.

TheTrustedCoach.com WordPress Website Home Page

Designed to feature your services,
provide relevant, valued and problem-solving information for your ideal client via your text, audio or video posts,
and attract clients with your irresistible lead generation to build your relationship with your prospects so they become paying clients.

ElaineLung.com WordPress Website Home Page

Designed to feature your services
and build your authority with your blog of posts, audios or videos.

BuddyBurke.com WordPress Website Home Page

Designed to start by featuring your services with a solid foundation ready for your future growth.

Mastering Storytelling Sales Page

Landing Pages with Automation

Send me the copy for the irresistible offer you wish to make to your prospects. I'll create a Landing or Squeeze Page with the automation to capture their name and email so you can build your relationship and convert your prospects to paying clients.

Legendary Speaking Course Sales Page

Send me your copy as a Word or Google doc and I'll format it into a highly converting long or short form sales page on your website.

DocHarrisInstitute.com WordPress Website Home Page

When you are ready to offer your online courses, taking your online business to the next level of revenue generation, you'll need a membership website to house your first course, and then your second course... until you have your academy or institute or university of courses serving hundreds of your students. All virtual and all automated, working for you 24/7/365.