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Online Video Value Tips For More Viewers

Online Video Value Tips For More Viewers

By Tina Cook | Online Video

Nov 19
Online Video Value Tips For More Viewers

In the golden, olden days of analogue television, before reality TV, before the proliferation of hundreds of TV channels, there was a magic in television shows. There was a time when TV entertainment shows had you spell bound and weren’t the background noise of your daily chores or your teenager’s homework.  All the great shows had the same secret ingredient – production value.

What’s Production Value?

What’s ‘production value’ and what’s it got to do with your online video? It’s the magic ingredient that will keep eyes glued to your online video.

In my days in the television game, we weren’t allowed to produce programs that were ‘talking heads’. Programs that did the same thing as a radio program were never aired. The TV executives biggest competition then was radio so they didn’t want a radio program. Television is a visual medium so they wanted production value = lots of great visual images, creatively shot and edited to add value to the viewer’s experience.

Brain Rules for Presenters

I came across this slideshow ‘Brain Rules for Presenters’ by Garr Reynolds.

This is a brilliant slideshow by Garr Reynolds with an important message for online video wannabes and business builders (especially if you give PowerPoint presentations.) He quotes from Dr. John Medina’s book ‘Brain Rules’:

“Rule #10 Vision trumps all other senses”
“Rule #4 We don’t pay attention to boring things.”

The opposite of boring is interesting. And it gets interesting (and way more fun) when you start being creative.

Everything at Your Finger Tips

You can drop in captions or titles or photos remarkably easily with all the user-friendly premium or free video editing software at our finger tips these days. Not to mention all the phone apps.

Keep Your Viewers Wanting More

Being creative is in every one of us. Just ask yourself, “How can I add more value to my presentation, to my video?” Relax, it’s not about you being on camera, it’s about having fun with getting your message out there in a compelling way, adding lots of visual interest, good content and you’ll keep your audience spell bound and wanting more!


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Tina Cook is a Media Marketing Strategist and Web Designer at Tina is a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and Certified Social Media Marketing Consultant.

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